Friday, December 29, 2006

Batik Inspirations Available Online

Hooray! It's finally up! Yes, the official website for Batik Inspirations the book is now ready to serve buyers who are interested in batik, fashion, beautiful pictures and coffee-table books!

For the start, we are giving some offers to our international buyers - every book sent will be personally signatured by myself, as author and by eM.K., as principal photographer.

And the complimentary magnifying glass will be added in too! :)

We are really excited that we are able to show the beauty of Batik Malaysia to the world; showcasing our rich culture and heritage and to just appreciate a 'masterpiece' :)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Books to be available Worldwide

We have been marketing the book to various countries and to retailers throughout the Asian region. We will still make that an avenue for people to get our books.

But in addition to that, by 1 January 2007, we will get the books to be available to other customers from accross the globe at its official website www.batikinspirations.com (check this out soon! ) :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Feature in Our Story: Malacca High School's 180 Years Commemorative Book

An honour to be recognised for the works in Batik Inspirations, together with all the other successful old boys :)

Malacca High School 180 Years Book Launch

Giving a speech to fellow old boys from my alma marter, Malacca High School - in conjunction with the school's 180 years commemorative book launch.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Latest Customer: Librarian

Over the course of promoting the book, I've come accross many people - many of whom will compliment the book. However, I do get some who have their different views.

Well, to one extent, this is like a piece of artwork, and not everyone will be able to appreciate it :)

I would just like to highlight my delight in seeing this book being purchased by libraries locally and abroad. And just a few days back, there was a librarian who likes the book and bought it for himself personally - altough the book is available at the library he's working.

Now, that just adds on to my belief that the book does have (and adds) value :) And it a big compliment to know that the book can reach to people who knows books well enough too! :)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Review by The Peak

Just to share our happiness in being reviewed by The Peak in August. It came as quite a pleasant surprise, as I was just browsing the magazine... and chanced upon it!

Another dream of being featured in a high-end magazine come true! :)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Still Going Strong

It has been quite sometime now that the book has been published... and friends already know about how I 'eat-sleep' the book 24/7 - from promoting as corporate gifts, exporting it, and also organising related events.

And to one extend, it's time to 'move on'. Our aim is stil to find markets in UK, USA, Europe and Japan. Being an independant publisher sure has a lot to learn and the journey is tough at times. And of course, the company is branching into other divisions as well - so that too is a sign of 'moving on'.

So, when eM.K's told his friends about the book 2 days ago, I felt like we were just like going back to where we were initially. But then, they loved the book a lot, and that once again encouraged me that tough we are moving forward, this timeless piece of work is still worth all its attention it can get back here.

To add on to it, I went to read my writings again under 'The Journey', and was just touched again with the whole works... it got me back to the beginning when we first saw the book, and was so thrilled by it - being able to create something so wonderful.

And that to me concludes that the book still has lots of appeal, and is still going strong!