Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Website Update

We've recently updated and edited the Batik Inspirations website to give it a more pleasant & easy going feel - with the usage of blue.

There are also additional batik articles contributed to provide more information to all those who like batik or am just learning about the age-old tradition :)


Carina said...

Hi, I am a Malaysian who is an Architectural (Master year) student from NUS (Singapore), am wish to do a thesis project related to the batik in Melaka. I wish to have more information and analysis about the batik in Malaysia, eg. the locations of all batik factory in Malaysia, and Importance of batik in Malaka.

I was searching ‘batik in Melaka’ in googles, and I saw your website there. This is my first time visiting your website and get to know you. That’s why I write in to request for help.

The information that you provide will help me a lots in my thesis finding. Therefore I wish to contact you through your working email/personal email. I do not mind to go down to malaka to meet up with you if necessary. Looking forward to your reply.

Quachee said...

Hi Carina,

Kindly email us at batik@quachee.com. We would love to help in whatever way possible.