Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Beautiful Journey: Part 2 - Photoshoot Day 2

Alarm bells started ringing at 5something... I woke up, though tired, but I remembered, kinda excited. Comparatively, this day was suppose to be a little easier - as the shoot will be entirely indoors.

The venue was - the Peranakan restaurant (which was formerly a house). I chose this location because the owner's have grand Perankan furnitures in the reception area - from opium bed to the 4 unique old chairs.

And moving inwards, the dining area seems a lil distinct again, giving a mixture of Peranakan & old Chinese setting, with marble tables.

We first set up the soft lighting. These lights were to give the extra shine on the clothes, yet still give its natural look on the photos.

Our first set was Tom's set. The models were in awe when the clothes were taken out - with such beautiful bright bold colours. Tom was the designer who supplied the most clothes - and that was good for we managed to showcase hers the most.

The only difficult part for hers was the part of dividing the clothes into different sets. I had wanted a picture with a few models.. and in each photo, the clothes have to blend among each other - and of course also the settings.

Of course, the accessories which Tom provided with the clothes too were a lil difficult to shoot because that meant the models had to be very still. There were times we had to reshoot again & again for the models were moving a little.

Christine became the lead female model here as she was the tallest, and manage to carry Tom's clothes well. There was one famous scene of 4 models entering the restaurant. This, I must acknowledge eM.K, for he took a very good shot. The blend of colours of the clothes, the position of the models, and most of all, how this shot made the entrance look grand! (when we went back again after the shoot, the entrance seems less grand and smaller).

The models, especially Rajah Farah & Carol acted their scene well too.

This shot became the talk of the Peranakan community when we held our event with them.

We ordered lunch from the restaurant and ate in between the shots. Our next set was Azizi's, and for that we used the dining area - as by then, the restaurant was closed. There is another unique shot in this book, this time congratulated mainly by fashion designers & photographers, as we took this shot from the level above - overlooking 3 models carrying the coffee... What makes this shot unique is that the faces of the models were not really shown - and emphasizing on the designs! And the coffee-cups and the chairs & marble table all gave the perfect setting!

The final set was Amir's lavish and stunning grand couture! The time for dressing took quite a fair bit, for it was a lil hard to put on the clothes, with its sequins and all. But when the models wore it, it was grand!

For this set, we used only the staircase of the restaurant. Again, it seem distinct from the other 2 parts of the place. eM.K. had the models posed - looking in one direction and Rajah Farah did this well with full exprression on her face. The accessories were magnificient especially when seen with the complimentary magnifying glass - you could see the ring on Christine's finger; their ear-rings & all other fine details of the clothes!

This became one of the 3rd most talked photographs in the book.

By the time we finished the shoot, it was already dark (bout 8pm) and we headed back to the hotel for change and rest. I was a little worn out already, but then, the models had to test their clothes for the night once again... and we had to arrange for the next final day :)

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