Sunday, July 6, 2008

Prominent Display at Changi's Terminal 3

Glad to share that the Batik Inspirations book is prominently displayed at the newly opened wing of Changi's Terminal 3.

I can still remember the first time we had our first distributor, the bookstores at Changi Airport refused to carry our title. I was quite stunned & rather disappointed then.

However, ever since we've had our new distributor, they've been doing a good job & have managed to put the Batik Inspirations book inside the bookstores of one of Asia's busiest airports.

And now, months later, we see the books being prominently displayed at Changi's newest wing! This is another dream come true :)

harris, terminal 3, changi, singapore

The stack of the Batik Inspirations book displayed at the entrance of the bookstore

harris, terminal 3, changi, singapore
The book being displayed at the pillar of the bookstore

What makes me happy is not only that finally we have this book in the airport's bookstore, but more so that the books are recognised as a regional art book and not just a Malaysian book. To be placed right at the front despite being 2 over years old speaks volume. And more so in this new bookstore here.

Truly a reason to celebrate! :)

This just continues our efforts to promote this book internationally. More on our 2nd phase of promotions soon :)


Happysurfer said...

Awesome! Truly happy for you, QC. Btw, is your book being promoted at the art schools? Their fashion department would have great use for this insightful book.

QuaChee said...

hi happysurfer,

thank you! :) like a dream come true again hehe.

so far, yes, the arts schools are taking it up especially the ones in singapore & if not wrong malaysia too :)

but, hopefully, we can go even further in other countries than the bookstores :)

Raynebow said...

Congrats! I must check this out the next time I'm at the bookstore! Is it available at popular stores like MPH?

QuaChee said...

hi raynebow,

for malaysia, yes, it is available at mph, times & kino :)

កូនខ្មែរ said...

nice to see you blog!

reena said...

ok im impressed