Friday, November 20, 2009

Amazon Top 100 Lists!

Good news! We've been featured in Amazon top 100 Lists for 2 topics.

batik inspirations amazon
First up, we are listed in the top 100 books under Designers (ranked at no. 72 globally).

batik inspirations amazon designer list
And even better, under Dye, we are ranked no 32!

batik inspirations amazon dye list
Truly a proud day for us, a publisher from Malaysia - on a topic that is niche as it can get: Batik... Malaysia :)


Erika Toh said...

O.o" Eh, you created and published this book? I seriously love this book to the max but I didn't bought it because it's a little expensive for me back then and now. :P I didn't know / notice it was your company's or you were in the beautiful pictures. I love beautiful handcrafted batik too. Sweet! ^^

iklan said...

great, i love batik too

Schrodinger Cat said...

Cool! You make us Malaysians proud (though I haven't wear once in my life, not even at Genting)!