Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Moment

That was what I heard from the saleslady in one of the local bookstores here in Malacca - MPH to be exact yesterday.

When I entered the shop, I was a lil surprised to find the book placed eye level and only 1 copy. When I came last time, there were a few of the books and placed at a higher level. So, I thought maybe they have kept the rest somewhere.

As I purchased my items, the saleslady asked where was I from, and I said well, I published that book - pointing her to it. And she then grabbed the book and checked to see how well it has done. To be honest, I was a lil shy & in a way embarrassed... Then she pointed to her screen - '1'. 'Oh wow' (smiles!).

This was quite a happy surprise for me... Being an independent publisher, these small things do make me smile, and again I repeat, I know it's a small 'win', but yet, it's quite a happy moment :)


Hye said...

Wow.. your book is a bestseller? Hope we can keep in touch. Actually I want to be a book writer. It's a long lost dream :D

All the best,
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Quachee said...

Hi Hye

I dont think it's a best-seller... not yet anyway. Just some sales :)

If you need to learn the ropes in publishing, I can give you some advise :)

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Congrats. You should also write a series of posts on how you went about self publishing. I guess the thought of going through all the hassle is what prevents aspiring authors from going that path.

M Junaid Khan said...

Truly Amazing work! I am really impressed by it. Keep it up!
Friends for Ever!
M Junaid Khan

jesie said...

Congrats on your achievements from the task getting it on the shelf and sales. I hope you something better is in store for you as you explore further. I'm still searching for my niche.

Quachee said...

hi adam

the 'beautiful journey' is a documentation of this book, so there is some parts & pieces of self publishing here :)