Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Beautiful Journey: Part 2 - Photoshoot Day 4

The models have gone back, including the make-up artists. Its only left with the main core of the team.

I thought the that on this day would be a light day, with the heavy shoots all done. But I then remembered we needed to take some close up shots of the batik motifs & design.

So, once again, with soft lightings set, I went through the pile of clothes to choose the very best motifs that represented each designer. Some had more than 1 distinct motif. The aim here was to choose the design that is synonym to the designer. I like to put it 'The person is to know whose design with just one look'. For example the spiral motifs are known to be for non other than Tom's. And though there are many copy-cats around, none come close to her placement & drawings.

The day started off a lil late, as we didn't expect a long day. And we thought work could have completed early. But this dragged on for a few hours, and we were soon rushing for time as we had to head to KL that day itself.

Finally, all the shots were done, and the clothes packed back into the bag. Now, we were all prepared to head to KL to meet the designers for their interviews.

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kayatan said...

Wow, cool site you got here.
love it.
Sunshine Florida.


Tanakwagu said...

hi there, you have a great blog. so far, only you blog about batik in malaysia( i don't know much, i'm not do review). thanks for drop some comment in blog catalog.

jesie said...

I love batik!

Many foreigners love batik. I wore to college to show off and cerita.

What are the differences between batik Thai, Indon, Msia?

Happysurfer said...

Hi! Awesome! Thanks for gracing my blog with your visit. I thought your name looked familiar. Indeed.

I wrote up a post on Batik Inspirations here: http://anythingbeautiful.blogspot.com/2008/01/batik-inspirations-malaysias-living.html

Hope it does it justice. Check it out.

Btw, Congratulations!

Quachee said...

Hi there 'happy surfer'... wow, many thanks for the post! Grateful indeed! :)