Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Beautiful Journey: Part 3 - Interviews

With completed photos, the next was to drive up to KL for the final round of interviews with the designers. Their interviews have been scheduled all in one day - with one after another. That means prompt timing is needed for each interview.

The more professional designers were on time, all set and ready for their interview. However, there were some who 'spoilt' the interview timings and made some others who came early having to wait. That got me into a lil 'hot soup' as 1 of the punctual designer was furious having to wait his turn. Luckily, we managed to cool him down, telling him the mistake by his fellow designer.

Apart from the minor glitch, the interviews went pretty well. I had a good time interviewing them, and it was a new perspective for me - fashion. I learnt a fair bit on the industry, and to see them rather humbly sharing their opinions, their career works, and their aspirations.

I conducted the interviews with the aim to make it a heartfelt one, one that when transcribed, will touch & connect with the readers. That was the best part actually, as the designers were then very willing to share their thoughts & inspirations behind their works.

One memorable part was also when one so called 'high & mighty designer' (I found out later), was rather humble throughout the interview - and even sang some songs for us - all for the fun. In fact, she joked a fair bit!

Another designer even suggested to bring some food as the time was late. We soon became good friends with her up to today.

There was however, one designer who was one of the time spoiler, in fact many times, as he kept rescheduling... and when I jokingly mentioned that he did so & this affected the others, he blew his top & had urged he wanted to back out. Rather weird actually for him to loose his cool - but he eventually took back his words and asked to be featured & the interview was rescheduled. My first 'diva' encounter!

The whole interview process took 2 full days - one was before the shoot, the other just after the shoot. By the time it ended, it was already dark at night, but very contended, and it was the mark of some new friendships.

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