Saturday, November 1, 2008

For The Art Lovers

"Do you have a white pen?" she asks.

From this lady's question, I knew she appreciated art. She was browsing the book and I could see her eyes glowing as she looked at every picture. And now she wanted me to autograph it for her - with a white pen, as she knows it goes well with the black background pages.

This is the kind of response I get from the art lovers. Like her, they understand the works that went behind it and could fully appreciate the book. She could even tell me the photography process that went behind.

And when passed the magnifying glass, she beamed even more - appreciating the batiks then.

Pricing to these art lovers is not an issue. Most of the times, they readily accept the price, some even saying its relatively cheaper than expected.

I visited this lady the following day, and again, she browsed the book - before and after purhase. I could tell she like it a lot. It made my day.

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