Saturday, November 8, 2008

Reorders From Jakarta

So batik Malaysia and batik Indonesia is different. My experience and talking to others give the impression that batik Indonesia is generally more knowned throughout.

This batik book features Batik Malaysia... and that is in a way quite a 'handicap'.

But handicap aside, we strived and managed to bring this batik Malaysia title to Jakarta, Indonesia - which obviously of all places, might give us a hard time.

That was already one thumbs up.

But what makes it sweet is that we are now having reorders from Jakarta again... honestly, this is quite something to celebrate - for them to accept our works on Batik Malaysia!

*This reinforces my belief - do a good book and it can cross borders!


Muhammad Sayyid bin A Rahman said...

hello Quachee..my father hv a batik boutique in kedah..perhaps to read ur book someday..

Harmony said...

Some batik designs are really nice

QuaChee said...

thank you lots :)

yes, the fusion ones are great. many people dont know how beautiful they are, which i hope its addressed in this book :)

luckman said...

well.. There are alot of Batik design..
That we have..
Actually I am not posting link here is just for promoting..
But really..
Right now.. Batik is soo modern..
Sample of Batik styles..
Well.. does not mean to post any useless link..

But since 2009 Oct 02.. Batik is even more famous...


Luckman R