Sunday, September 9, 2007

Batik Artist/ Batik Producer/ Batik Manufacturer

Along the course of marketing this book, Ive encountered with many batik manufacturers, some of which are batik designers or batik artists themselves, but also many who are owners of batik factories with a handful of batik artists under them.

Proud to say that there is quite a good response from them. Many of them bought the batik book because they would like to find out the latest batik motifs/ batik patterns/ batik designs from these top designers from Malaysia.

Of course, some of them use Batik Inspirations as a reference book, as the pictures themselves are able to tell them about batik and the ideas behind them.

Many batik artists also bought the book as a representative of Batik Malaysia - batik artists from Malaysia, Indonesia, and even from USA and India :)


Evenstar said...

Sorry, but the last post has not exactly shed any light on further information other than they bought the book. I think your post if its deals with more technical area of the book, it will spark the batik interest of people leading them to your book. Like when you mentioned that people wanted more information on the actual making etc. maybe you need to show work that has been done by readers from inspiration from your book.
On the whole your blog doesnt have any information. It should be more involving in batik, but with more depth. Answer your readers with more information so that they can arrive at the quality of work your book shows, but in reality you are very vague with information. the link that is suppose to have the technical information, is jus a page put spread on every other page... this is just waste of space. You need to beef up your site or this blog to promote your book better... the key is to add images (not from your book) but from what readers have made. Manufacturers instructions on how to paint, the type of fabrics etc.

Quachee said...

Thank you for your feedback. We always welcome constructive criticism, as a way to improve ourselves to serve our customers better.

For your information, this blog only tells the journey of the book.

And as for the links you've mentioned on our main website, I'm not sure if you read it carefully, but it is different and serve each individual searching for different knowledge.

Finally, we have also started a free information blog for all batik lovers under the blog - Batik Story (www.batikstory.com). We hope to bring batik enthusiasts together sharing the knowledge we can.

However, we do take note of your suggestion to show which batik artists have been inspired by our book and will showcase them in the coming weeks here :)

Wan Najmuddin Wan Ismail said...

keep on writing Quachee..or do you have new blog?

QuaChee said...

hi wan, thanks for encouragement. will continue writing now haha :) (usually i only write when there's updates on this batik book). but thanks again :)

Yani said...

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