Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Unique Asian Corporate Gift

We are proud to say that the Batik Inspirations book serves as a high end corporate gift. So far, we've had companies and even individuals who would like to give a unique Malaysian or for that matter, Asian corporate gift.

The book serves as a corporate gift idea because of its uniqueness of having both the book and the additional magnifying glass. Bundled together, it makes a unique gift.

Some clients who have bought directly from us have given this book as a corporate executive gift - from giving it to their employees, some even to their bosses, and of course, a lot have given this as a gift to their clients who deserve it.

To make things a little more sweet, the book is also purchased as a corporate gift not only from the region but also from overseas, making this gift sweeter, as a gift from Asia.

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sandra said...

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