Monday, September 3, 2007

Malaysian Fashion Designer

Today was a pleasant surprise. I was at one of my friend's (a fashion designer) boutique.

There was a customer there, who talked to me. She was saying that she wanted to get a list of Malaysian fashion designers - who specializes in batik, but couldn't find any catalogue of such.

I sincerely mentioned to her about the Batik Inspirations book, which has the addresses of some of the most well known fashion designers who incorporates with batik pattern/ batik design in their works.

She immediately took upon the book, and was very happy with her purchase as it showed the fashion spread by Malaysian top names with inspiration from the bold, beautiful batik colours.. All these with the complete list - address and contact of Malaysian fashion designers, some award winning and some members of Malaysian Official Designer's Association.

This was further enhanced by the employee of my friend who mentioned that the book is sufficient for all information she needs as its a compilation of Malaysian haute couture designers. What a compliment! :)

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